Events at Rose City Park are the heart and soul of our community building efforts. 

Read for the Roses: January - May, 2021
  • An ongoing reading challenge supported by our fantastic librarian, Ms. Ivester, and the PTO.

  • Gameboards are available at upcoming Library pickup days

  • Prizes will be distributed starting in March!

  • First event is on January 27th - see the RCP Library's Read for the Roses page for more information

All of our events are supported by amazing volunteers. You can help! Keep an eye on Facebook, Slack and the newsletter for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Past Events

  • Rose City Park After Dark (RCPAD). Our biggest fundraiser of the year and something the kids look forward to from the first day of school.

  • Walk, Bike & Roll to School

  • Literacy Night

  • Party at the Park

  • Teacher Appreciation Meals/Fall Conferences

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Junior Rose Festival Parade