Rose City Park Supports Vestal School

On behalf of the PTO, I would like offer a big thank you to the Rose City Park community for your generous donations yesterday. As some may not know, the Vestal community suffered a devastating loss over the holiday break. If you’ve seen the news stories about a family caught by a sneaker wave at the coast, then you know and can imagine the heartbreak. Last night, the school hosted a vigil for the community to remember and celebrate the lives lost. Due to your support, we were able to provide coffee, hot cocoa and cider, as well as a lot of cookies, for hundreds of people. Any remaining funds will be directed to the Vestal PTA in support of a memorial.

A special thank you to Sally Stauffer and Scotti Weintraub for organizing and delivering everything, as well as the Human Bean manager Hannah and the staff for going above and beyond to fill the order in time.

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