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Contact Rose City Park Elementary during school hours:  503-916-6765

How Can I Learn What's Happening at School?

Emails usually come from Jeremy Cohen, the RCP PTO, or Kendall Bromley. All families should receive an email with information from the PTO at least bi-weekly, if not weekly.

  • TIP: If you're not getting emails, check with Kendall or Madalyn in the front office to make sure your contact information is correct! 


All families should receive occasional texts with urgent/timely information: bus updates, event reminders, etc.
TIP: If you're not getting texts, check with Kendall or Madalyn in the front office to make sure you're on the list!


The school website is where you can see the school calendar and any updated messages from the principal.


Our school has a number of private Facebook groups with different moderators where families share information. This is where most of the after-school program information is shared for now.

Each grade level also has a Facebook group to connect families with same-grade children.

**Please Note: the Rose City Park Elementary Parents group is now closed. The primary PTO group is the best place to keep up to date.


Our school has an awesome Instagram that shows what the kids are up at school, in the library, at the gym, on the playground, in class, etc.

The PTO board and committee volunteers use this app as a way to communicate quickly and easily without the need for a million emails.



The PTO regularly posts upcoming events and information on the sandwich boards inside the hallways on the 2nd floor at the North and South entrances, as well as the Campfire entrance in the cafeteria. Check there and on the doors, windows and walls near the entrances for reminders and updates!

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