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PTO Board Meeting Minutes - 10/4/2021

Virtual Zoom Meeting


Tracy Forsyth, Maggie Vera, Heather Borgardt, Jamie McWilliams, Alyssa Baker, Lydia Kumaran, Chrystal Young, Kim Cimmiyotti, Dezire Clarke, Maggie Dixon, Liz Giannone, Annie Hopman, Sally Stauffer, Dave Trost, Jason VanWarmerdam, Huynh Pool, Kimberly Zacha-Stephens

Meeting Commenced 6:30 PM

Note: Meeting minutes from 8/30/21 were revised and approved via Slack.

Opening Land Acknowledgement- read by Maggie Dixon

President Updates- Tracy Forsyth

Welcome and Introductions to our new Board members

Liz Giannone: Fundraising chair

Lydia Kumaran: Teacher Support co-chair

Chrystal Young: Communications chair

Open Forum

How can we support teachers interest in doing Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist professional development? Considering a grant for them to procure ABAR classroom materials or other related needs.

October 11th is Indigenous Peoples Day

Outdoor Message Boards have been approved by the district and Dez will work with a district project manager to define locations

COVID Protocols; numbers are relatively low but there has been concern about lack of communication on the cases. Suggestion that the school administrators share the process for releasing information and determining isolation standards.

Discussion around testing practices at Rose City Park; only testing symptomatic students that go to class.

The OHSU COVID testing kits are being prepared but it may be a couple of weeks before the program is underway.

Someone was told that the current rule is that they will notify students who have been in direct contact for longer than 15 minutes, unmasked(?), within 3 feet; this needs to be confirmed and clarified.

Past meeting hosted by Jeremy Cohen regarding COVID protocols was helpful to some for feeling connected and informed. Suggestion to connect with Principal Bacon and Vice Principal Nguyen-Johnson about hosting a meeting with this headline item.

How can we work on transparency with PPS Guidelines quarantining and isolation protocols?

Proposal for accessibility and inclusion at PTO Meetings- Dave Trost

Introduced ideas for making our meetings more inclusive;

● Coming up with a new name instead of “the board” that moves us toward having more group-minded conversation and decision-making

● Rewriting bylaws as needed

Board Development Committee- Annie Hopman

In line with Dave’s earlier thoughts on accessibility and inclusion, the PTO would like to create a working committee to discuss and create ways for PTO meetings to be more open to all and have topics and conversations that are relevant to a broader range of our community. The committee will also be focused on developing depth and breadth in our board members to have better representation of our RCP community.

Vision for Committee:

● 5 People; including an ABAR representative who can guide best practices;

● Remove the election committee,

● Set groundwork for how the PTO will evolve.

● Determine how we can have better representation on our board?

● Alyssa, Dez, Dave and Maggie Dixon and/or Sara Kerr volunteered.

Budget Update- Heather Borgardt

● We are now in a good position to help out our community, teachers, staff and students.

● Pie Fundraiser will happen this year but not sure about the disbursements between the fourth grade teachers and the PTO.

● Still uncertain whether we will have Rose City Park After Dark (see following notes re: RCPAD)

● Fundraising will also include RCP swag and Lawn signs.

● Our 5th Grade Lunch balances are about $1400 which we will budget for; next year.

● Through Slack we will propose and discuss ideas for how we want to distribute the PTO funds; Teacher Grants, students, families?

Community Activities/Fundraising

Rose City Park After Dark (RCPAD)- Alyssa Baker

To accommodate COVID protocols, the idea was floated to have carnival games under the covered entrances but since it is unlikely that it will get approval, the second idea would be to have a food drive and set up corner stations, manned by PTO volunteers, on blocks surrounding the school, with prizes and candy. Proposed time would be 5-6:30 on 10/29.

Last year the food collected was given to Ms. Van who distributed it to families in need.

Alyssa will talk with Huynh and see how HPH and PTO can partner on this event.

The Teacher Appreciation team will put together a master list for donors to make sure we aren’t overreaching to some.

FYI: If anyone needs paper cups and lids for events, Sally has these available.

Apple/Pear and Pie Fundraisers

Order forms will be sent home with students this week and delivery and distribution of fruit will be 11/2 and Pies will be 11/25.

Volunteers needed for pie distribution: 2 shifts- one for counting when the order is delivered and one for helping pick orders as people arrive.

Student Directory Update- Dave Trost

Preview of the form on the website and how the information is presented.

Meeting Adjourned 8:01 PM

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